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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last full day in San Antonio


Day 100… just kidding it's only day 11!
Today started off with some sketchbook doodles and coffee on the balcony of our lovely hosts', Carlos and Bri Lozano's, apartment. Then we ventured back to the Southwest School of Art to interview Doerte Weber. Doerte was born in Germany but moved to Texas in the 80's, she had some great things to say about how her German background has pushed her to be organized, determined, and hard working and how the opposing culture of Texas has allowed for her to be more open and susceptible to change, life, and color in her work. She was working on a large scale weaving during the interview made of plastic. Weber is inspired heavily by the environment and also how people use news and media to communicate. The piece will be an interactive installation "The Yellow Brick Road" at San Antonio's art event, Lluminaria, in November. [more info: http://luminariasa.org]

After the interview we met with Casey, the exquisite woman we met/interviewed yesterday and the four of us girls went out to lunch at this awesome pizza joint that we can't remember the name of! But as soon as Andrea took a bite she said "Wow, this is good pizza for the south." So… it was good.

This trip has been opening so many doors for us, and it has taught us so many lessons and introduced us to so many wonderfully inspiring people thus far. Thank you to Doerte and Casey for welcoming us into this city, showing us around, and just being yourselves- strong, independent, & artistically inspiring women!

After parting ways, we went to the historical Alamo! Neither of us are big historians and it was way to hot to stand there and read all the panels with information... so we honestly can't tell you anything of importance about it…. BUT they had some AWESOME cacti and gardens. We walked around sunny San Antonio, ate some gelato, went to an awesome art store and bought some supplies we've run low on, and headed to a hiking trail for our weaving! Andrea sang and played on the ukelele while Rosie made the weaving for Texas. We haven't taken photos of it yet because the sun had already set when we finished so we will do that in the morning.

Now we are getting ready to pack up and go to New Mexico tomorrow early in the AM- a full 12 hour drive over there. But we're staying with Andrea's aunt, Eugenia and her partner Stefanie. SO EXCITED for the desert and sun, family and good vibes. We are going to bed early, so goodnight ya'll! Texas you have been great to us, and maybe we will return in November for the Luminaria!

Goodnight everybody~

Andrea + Rosie

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/19/2014 San Antonio


Howdy Ya'll !

Today we started the day off early and got some work done on our sketchbooks. We were able to make some breakfast and start exploring San Antonio by 11 am. Doerte Weber gave us many suggestions on where to go and what to do, so we began with the Southwest School of Art.

Public Library- awesome architecture!

At the Southwest School of Art, there is a public library filled with public art including a beautiful glass blown chandelier that was just MIND BLOWING! Then we made our way to the gallery space of the school where we saw some impressive fiber arts, ceramic works, paintings, and mix media art works. The Southwest School of Art has recently become a credited university for one to obtain a BFA, but prior to that, it used to be a place to learn about paper making, printmaking, fiber arts, ceramics, and painting via workshops and classes. This school is the only real art school in San Antonio, and based from our own personal observations, it has a very open minded mentality which allows for students and faculty to express themselves uncensored by "high brow art culture/institutions" which we found really inspiring.

We walked around sunny San Antonio for a bit and grabbed some food at The Cove where we were pleased to find $2 PBR's and some delicious burgers… and outdoor seating! Doerte got us in touch with a fiber artist around our age named Casey Galloway.

Casey Galloway @ Southwest School of Art Gallery
Casey was interested in our project and was more than willing to do an interview. So after lunch we met with her at the Southwest School of Art and got to see more of the fiber studios, talk to her about fiber culture, San Antonio culture, and how she gathers inspiration to create her art works. She is a native to this city and was brought up by a grandmother who was very knowledgable on herbs, natural dyes for fibers, and gardening and she has carried most of those young seeds into her practice. She has recently been given the position to be the head of the department for the Bachelors of Fine Arts in the Fiber Arts department for the Southwest School of Art which is a HUGE DEAL and we are SO EXCITED for her to make some awesome positive changes. Casey expressed to us that most of the people who take these fiber arts classes tend to restrict themselves into the traditional technique of fiber art and weaving, but we all seemed to agree that in 2014, SO MUCH can be done experimentally, artistically, and sculpturally with yarn and a loom. We can go on and on about our conversation with her today, but we'll save it for the documentary.

But check out Casey Galloway's work here: www.caseygalloway.com || and also check out her company Wool Tree Yarn hand dyed yarns: http://www.luckyeweyarn.com/wool-tree-yarn.html

But check out our MAMAS! They got together today and had a nice little dinner on Andrea's porch and texted us this picture. #1 SoapSkeptical moms <3<3

Downtown San Antonio

Exploring little shops at El Mercado
After our interview we hung out, explored some stores at El Mercado, got some ice cream, and made out way back to the Lozano's apartment to get ready for dinner. Carlos was talking about some real authentic Mexican seafood restaurant called El Bucanero, so we went…. and it was GOOOOOOD. Good food, good music, and good company all around!

We're living the slow life here in San Antonio, there's not much else to report on except that we have been enjoying this sunshine, enjoying the friendly people, observing the plants, nature, and culture and just soaking it all in.

Hope you all are having a good weekend and stay tuned because tomorrow we will interview Doerte Weber and explore some more of this beautiful city before heading out to New Mexico on Thursday!


Andrea + Rosie

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bye Houston! Hey San Antonio!


We both had our first hostel experience last night/today. It was interesting to say the least but a good time. We got to catch up on our sketchbooks and relax for a bit and then explored a little bit of Houston. The Rothko Chapel was our first stop. For those of you who have never hear of it, we suggest you check it out. Rothko worked on these large scale paintings to fill a chapel and be used as a spiritual space for all religions and beliefs. It's an experience Andrea had always heard about in her time at The School of Visual Arts and finally got a chance to see it in person! There is no picture taking inside and for good reasons. That building was way too peaceful for something so harsh like technology but we did get some pictures of the amazing sculpture right outside.

We also found a swing next door hanging under a gigantic tree… looking at that just screamed southern stereotype and we were loving it.

The last place we visited in Houston was the Gerald D. Hines waterfall park. It was huge and very beautiful but to be honest I think the one thing we liked about it the most was the refreshing mist coming off of it because it was HOT today!

After driving for 3/4 hours we finally arrived at Doerte Weber's gorgeous home in San Antonio, TX. Doerte is a weaver by nature. Weaving has been in her family for years and she's picking it up again to create some really amazing pieces involving plastic bags and caution tape.

We plan to interview her during our 2 day stay in San Antonio but today she showed us around a bit and it felt like we both got a free tour of the city. Doerte knows where all the great galleries are and local art schools. We even got to see her studio space that is actually in the Southwest School of art. We drove through some galleries, shops, and local event locations off Guadalupe and also got to learn a little bit about the history and culture in San Antonio being so close to the Mexican boarder. We are excited to see what will be experienced in this city!

Until then, Goodnight!

Andrea + Rosie

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 7 + 8 on the road! NOLA~

Bright and Sunny Mississippi River


Had a late start to our saturday. Woke up around noon, had some coffee and made our way to the French Quarter district in New Orleans. It's touristy and loud and crazy and awesome! The houses are to die for, all colorful, balconies filled with plants, palms, ferns, and flowers. Live music on every street corner, and artists selling their work all over the place. It was crowded, hot, and sorta smelly, but hey!…. when in NOLA….

Some local vendors suggested we go to this restaurant called Felix's so we did, and we got some fried seafood platter with hushpuppies. Everything here is fried…. everything. We found ourselves in voodoo stores, funky gift shops, and the open market. It's really something you have to experience for yourself to understand, but this city is so vibrant in every which way you can imagine the word. After a long afternoon of walking around and exploring we made our way back to Tessa's where we lounged for a while.

Interviewing Brian and Maggie
Then we met up with her friends and very talented musicians, Maggie and Brian. They're in a band that is sort of un-named, but they go by "Maggie Belle" (for now). They were kind enough to participate in an interview and play some live music for us at Brian's house. THEY ROCK! [check out this video we pulled from youtube] Contemporary rhythm and blues mixed with Janis Joplin type of vibe- Brian on the piano/bongos and Maggie's got the vocals. Can't wait to include them in this documentary and super content that they are apart of this project! We ended the night early due to leaving early in the AM.

It's been one week on the road and we're already on our way out of New Orleans, it's crazy how fast this trip is moving! But we're are enjoying every minute of it and can't wait to continue… Goodnight, friends!


Hey y'all! Today was 90% uneventful since we were driving the whole time but we did get in a last minuet interview with Jeremy Phipps! He's a NOLA native with a lot to say about New Orleans music and culture. Jeremy also writes songs, plays the trumpet, trombone, and makes beats. He pretty much does it all when it comes to music. Talking to him was the best way to leave NOLA. Check out some of his work here… www.saintbell.com

Other than that amazing bit… We want to take this time to thank our home town friend, Tessa Bitterman for opening her doors once again and letting us stay with her all weekend. Tessa and her partner, Marya showed us around and hooked us up with some great folks to interview. We are extremely grateful for that! Also Tessa's lil man, Booker, was SO happy to see Rosie again and Rosie was SO happy to see her Bookie. Miss ya homies! MUCH LOVE!

The road has been treating us kindly, but we may have been loosing out minds a little bit- as well as gaining heavy southern accent we just can't seem to kick! When we come back, ya'll better be ready :D S.O.S. // S.O.K (save out KIA)!!!

We are now in Huston Texas at the Morty Rich Hostel where we plan to swim and just enjoy our first night in Texas and do NOTHING for a night.


Andrea + Rosie

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 6- 8/15/14

August 15, 2014- day six on the road

We woke up in good ole' New Orleans and went out for coffee and breakfast to a place called Surrey's with our lovely hosts Tessa and Marya. Afterwards Rosie and I went to the Apple store to see what was going on with my laptop- turns out that it is completely busted, but they were able to take out the hard drive and all of my files should be saved! SO THATS GOOD!!

"I saw two ID's, thats enough"
Tessa and Marya wanted to take us to nature, and we were all about the adventure, so we made our way to Jean Lafitte National Park (a.k.a a bayou). It was gorgeous! Spanish moss, trees fully covered in ivy, palms, swamp, marsh, and sunshine! We got there around 4:30 and probably left around 4:45 because we saw two gators, and about 100 Banana Spiders. Google them. When going on a hike, I don't think defending yourself from gators is a normal thought to cross our minds coming from NJ. So that didn't last too long, but it was still beautiful and we got to take some nice pictures. We also went through a drive-thru daiquiri joint! Yep, you can buy alcohol through a drive thru down here as long as the straw isn't in the cup, it's not an open container. ONLY IN LOUISIANA.

Marya cooking and Tessa!

After our attempt to embrace Louisiana's nature, we went to buy some supplies for Marya to make us some real real jambalaya. We learned about the TRINITY: celery, onion, and bell pepper. DAS IT! This jambalaya was the bees knees. Tessa and Marya invited a few friends over and we got to hangout and meet some cool musicians and friends from all over America. The cool thing about New Orleans is that it attracts people for so many reasons, so although it's in the south, you meet people from PA, CA, VA, WA, and all over the place! This city has more culture than any one we've seen so far. It's a hub for art, music, food, and life!

After dinner, we went to the Hi-Ho Lounge and listened to some percussion jams by BATEBUNDA [check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BateBunda] SO MUCH DANCING! It was the best! Then we walked to Frenchmen to see some other friends play some more funky jams. The night ended around 3 am, typical Friday night in NOLA according to Maggie, one of Tessa's friends who was leading the adventures.

We're starting our day off late today, but we have some interviews lined up and art markets to check out, so stay tuned!

Thanks to those who keep following our blog and adventures! Please feel free to share with friends and family! So happy and fortunate to be able to use the power of technology for good and be able to share this eye and mind opening experience with you all!


Andrea + Rosie

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pitstop in Mobile, AL then to New Orleans!


Today was yet another great day. We woke up in Atlanta and now we are about to fall asleep in New Orleans but let us tell you all about what went down today! First we had awesome breakfast burritos made by the one and only Hannah Holst (thanks, girl!) and then we were back on the road heading towards Mobile Alabama. The south continues to amaze the both of us with their beautiful landscapes and outrageously friendly communities!  We met up with Ally Clements who has been living in Mobile for most of her life and makes beautiful jewelry out of animal bones. Ally is always on the lookout for roadkill because thats where she gets her bones from! This girl is pretty badass… she finds these dead animals and tries to use every part she can to incorporate it into her work. If the skins are salvageable shell keep them for other projects, like practicing her taxidermy, or just as a nice conversational decoration piece but her main focus is on the bones! She has been really pushing the art community in Mobile to become more lively and explosive. She will be at the RAW ARTS festival down in New Orleans next week- so if any of you viewers are in the area, look out for her boutique jewelry made of bones.

You can also buy her beautifully crafted gems online at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BarelyBonesBoutique

Now we are staying in New Orleans with a friend from our hometown in NJ, Tessa! It's gonna be a fun weekend down in NOLA. Can't wait to share it with ya!

Keep up with what we're doing on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Peace ya'll!!

Andrea + Rosie

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hotlanta: Days 4 & 5


Indigo leaves from the Garden at Appalachia Center for Craft
So we'll start off saying that the trip to the river failed. We were packed and ready to go walk the trails and enjoy the morning but the spiders and their webs forced us to turn around… Spiders: 1 SoapSkeptics: 0. Instead of doing that we visited Kelsey and Jeanne in the Fiber arts studios. Kelsey showed us some of her amazing work! All of it was so beautiful and delicate you couldn't help but feel relaxed around it. Very inspiring. Our time at the Appalachian Center for Craft was amazing. We got to experience some great nature and explore wonderful studios, met with Jeanne Brady who has been supporting us since the beginning, and also Kelsey who inspired us in so many ways. Thank you ACC for accepting and welcoming us into your community. Hopefully we'll be back sometime soon!

Our TN weaving

Next stop, HOTlanta! Avondale Estates to be exact, where we met with Lynn Sisler. Lynn creates some great paintings/collages involving animals. Her reasons for incorporating animals into her work are pretty eye opening and definitely force the mind to think a bit. You can check out her interview in the next couple of days to find out what exactly she has to say.

One of Andrea's friends from school, Hannah, is from Atlanta so we just met up with her and her friend  Mel. Although it's only been a few hours, we must say that it is so lively, fun, warm, and eclectic! Definitely feeling some good vibes over here. Got to relax for a bit then hopped over to MOTHER, a cool little bar and taco joint near the heart of Atlanta. Mel offered us a place to stay and we couldn't be more thankful! The road has been good to us.

Although Andrea did all of the driving today, I think its safe to say that with all the running around and altitude/climate change we both are beat. Tomorrow we plan to explore the city and see more of this glorious place.



So last night, Andrea has an accident and spilt half a bottle of sumi ink on her laptop, right on the key board, after a night of draining it out and cleaning it, and putting it in rice, it still doesn't work. It's unfortunate, but we are going to be unable to edit and post videos, Rosie's computer is too old to update the iMovie software. It's an obstacle we'll manage to overcome for sure. Aside from that…

Today was a good day! We started off at Highland Bakery for brunch with Hannah and then went back to her place in Buckhead. You guys… the SoapSkeptics gals were stunned! Hannah's mom welcomed us into her gorgeous home with open arms and was genuinely interested in our mission on this road trip. It doesn't cease to amazes us how supportive so many people are of our mission.

We spent the afternoon adventuring through the Glass Objects Studio, Gallery, and Smoke Shop space. Mel works there and gave us the grand tour, she then demonstrated blowing glass into marbles. It was awesome. Then Hannah and Mel showed us around Atlanta's street art murals. There is an event happening on Saturday called Living Walls so a bunch of muralists are hanging around Atlanta painting on the walls. We decided for dinner we needed fried chicken from the south. So

Mel took us to a spot she'd been wanting to go to called Harrold's Chicken and Ice- but it also has the name Harold's Chicken Shack. Luck for us, it was comedy night at Harold's so we also got a live comedy show to accompany our friend chicken, mac and cheese bites, and fried okra. After dinner we went to a local with signs that say: "CHURCH it's a bar". We met some really amazing folks here in ATL. Hannah and all of her friends were so sweet to us, so open, friendly, caring and helpful! The south sure knows about hospitality.

Something about the liveliness and influx of art and culture in this city really made us feel comfortable and inspired. Would love to come back and explore this city to even greater depths. Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far, this experience has already been life changing and it's only been 5 days.

Now we are going to head to Mobile, Alabama for an interview then end the day in New Orleans where we plan to stay for the weekend. Until then, goodnight and be well.

Andrea + Rosie